GPS Trophy Romania 2019

2019-05-18 17:00 - 2019-05-25 12:00

Hello everybody,
We are happy to announce you that the main preparations for our anniversary edition are done. Next year we will visit a 100% complete new area, hosted at a very fancy location which will be a new highlight of our base camps till now. Our Orga team will also be almost a complete new one and the event regulations suffered some modifications too, but all these changes are made to improve our event and make sure that our anniversary edition will be one to remember anytime with pleasure.
All these new things, gathered together with the obtaining of all the necessary authorizations for a one-week event covering such a big area like ours, forced us to do some changes at the prices too, but we hope that you understand the reasons. And the most important thing: we want to announce you that our registrations are open only between the 1st of August and 31 of October 2018. After these 3 months we hope to have 60 paid registrations, otherwise we can’t do our anniversary like we planned.
But, like in all the previous years, you can find all the details about our event on our homepage, and, of course, all your additional questions will be answered a.s.a.p.
We are looking forward to meet you next year and celebrate,
XperienceRomania Team