Pomerania 48

2019-10-04 07:00 - 2019-10-06 12:00

Land Rover Club PL inform with pleasure:
We just started to register for 48 edition of Pomerania off road event.

It will take place from 04- 06 / 10 2019.
We invite you to take part in this event.
The amount of starting numbers is limited. The limit is 40 vehicles.
Booking is necessary.
For booking and more information please contact:
Land Rover Club PL
e.mail: lrcpl@onet.pl


48  edition of ‘Pomerania’ - Off-Road TROPHY / RESCUE

Area of the event: North-Western Poland / in  Drawsko Pomorskie  area / 
The base of  the event: camping site 
Event`s office in on work: on  2.05.2019  between  14.00 - 22.00 and  3.05.2019 from 6.30 
Beginning / start to the route / -  3.05.2019  from 7.00 am to 09.30 am  
The end of the event and closing ceremony - 05.05.2019 approx. 10.00 am. in Pomerania base. 
Starting groups:    
1. T group - touristic group for  all factory vehicles with original body /acceptable of cutting mudguards and missing original bumpers / equipped with wheels in size to 32 inches inclusive. 
Requirement 32 inches doesn't concern: Land Rover 130, Land Rover 101, Volvo, Pinzgauer and other with wheel size more than 32 inches as a factory dimension
2. L group - for any vehicle with a maximum authorized mass of 4 tons and with any size of  tyres.
3. A group: all kind of vehicles with factory body but on wheels size more than 32 inches. 
4. S group: Any rebuilt vehicles, non - factory body,  non-factory chassis, and with any size of  tyres  and vehicles such as Tomcat, Scorpion, Dakar, etc.
In case of any dispute the organiser’s decision is final.
Classification is organised separately for A, S and T + L group. 

Short description of 47 Pomerania:
As it was in case of the previous edition,  47 Pomerania is going to be a simulation of an expedition. That means, the whole route has to be covered continuously with nights spent on the way. 
The competitors drive according to road book, occasionally a map, and indicated routes. On the route you will have to tackle a range of:
ST  special tasks -  (e.g. water tasks, applying rope techniques,  bridge, swamp crossing,  etc.) that will   be assessed by a referee for all.
PK, SPK check  points - code numbers hidden on the route that you have to spot for all.  OS  special sections - voluntary, for more experienced participants, assessed by a referee; on some of them your time will be measured. For L group - forbidden.
The route in total is ca 400 km long. The time and the distance results of the drive does not have a significant influence on classification
It is how many points you collect, not how fast you go that counts! 

Minimal off road equipment:
For all: off road tires, towline, shackles, shovel.
A and S group: besides the above the recommended equipment consists of: Hi Lift jack, sand plates / ladders and obligatorily a winch!
We recommend you have your own camping, climbing and water equipment - it will earn special bonus for your team.

All vehicles  must be registered and insured. 
The vehicles must have an efficient exhaust system. Vehicles with a loud exhaust system and with broken silencers will not be allowed to participate in Pomerania.